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USAFIRST.COM - Internet Domain Name for sale

News: Announcement of Intention to Sell USAFIRST.COM

USAFIRST.COM is one of the best known prestigious Internet Domain Names in the world today and I am pleased to announce that USAFIRST.COM will be available for purchase in the near future.

It is rare for such well known names to come onto the open market and it is expected to raise considerable interest, particularly in the light of recent political developments in the USA.

The Domain is untainted by substantial previous use and the new owner will have unfettered operating rights in the Domain Name and all Sub Domains. Not only Web and Email but any future Internet service development such as IoT activity, News Distribution, Virtual Reality, Social Media, Video Streaming and any additional innovative future service the new owner may care to create or develop.

In short is a ideal vehicle for any current or future Internet activity which requires strong branding and the need to 'hit the ground running'.

The current plan is to bring the domain name to auction in the near future however a substantial offer prior to auction may be successful.

To register an interest please make contact in the first instance via the email form located here

Lee Allen

Original Domain Name registrant.